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Buying acc item to my...
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[IMPORTANT]What if ...
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Disconnected from server...
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About in the starting...
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my accoun was not on...
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I'm making this thread to inform everyone about new updates on our rules. From time to time we try to improve our current rules here on our server to make our server a little bit more fun instead of getting scared all the time.

As for now there's a change on our rule regarding the CB BUG aura rule (Rule #2 under In-Game Rules), please try to check the link given below to prevent any confusion in the future.

In addition to that, please also check the bannable item section. Made some clarifications about our Leon upgrades on up until which upgrade is allowed on Green and Orange Leons. Thank you!
Jan 31, 2013 - 8:07 PM - by HyperLynx 0 Replies
New HP pots at Potion shop Vendor, With less CD.
Apr 07, 2012 - 12:31 AM - by PretoJoia 3 Replies
Information about server RF Online ReactoR


• Exp - x30.
• PT - xGM.
• Force, Skills - xGM.
• Drop - x5.

• FULL EPISODE 2.2.3, Many addons. No playing GMs.
• 30xGMxGMx5x PvP
• Level 65 Cap
• GM-Shop, CashShop fully Functional.
• No +7 donations and NO CORRUPTION.
• New Yellow and Green Mau, 65 Animus, White and Black Siege Kit
• New Mobs.
• New Armors weapons, items.
• Relic Weapons.
• Hero/Elven Weapons.
• NO +7 donations and NO CORUPTION.
• A Great Friendly Community and Staff. Our server is International, everyone is welcome!
• New Maps.

DOWNLOAD RF Online client ReactoR

Server specification:
QuadCore Xeon
... [Read More]
Dec 15, 2008 - 11:18 PM - by valsha 140 Replies
ACCRETIA [  22  ]
Bellato [  50  ]
Cora [  12  ]
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